Peak District Weekend & Day Trip (23rd – 25th October) – Charlie Patrickson

If there’s one thing I bloody love in this world, it’s making glass.

Unfortunately British legislation prevents me from doing this for more than 48 hours a week. This means I have to find something else to do with my remaining waking hours. Two weeks ago I chose to use this time to go on a climbing trip with LUMC. It was nearly as much fun as making glass at work.

Setting off from Liverpool on the Friday evening we made the trip to the peaks where we would be spending the weekend. Two hours later we arrived at the hut and although alcohol and food was bought in equal supply, the supplies rapidly became unequal. Whilst a variety of vessels were used to intoxicate the group, Captain Chrissy undertook numerous meteorological measurements, and as the gin flowed, so did Chrissys assurances that the weather would be most unpleasant the next morning; far too unpleasant to climb in. With these words came an endorsement, from the climbing captain herself, for everyone to get thoroughly plastered. Which everyone did. We also had the brilliant excuse that it was one of our favourite Americans last weekends in the UK… we definitely couldn’t let it be a sober one. We miss you Matt (the bromance that never was…)!


The next morning, mercifully, the weather was most unpleasant. The hangover, unmercifully, was also as unpleasant. Fortunately my food partner was Georgia Drew, who has yet to admit to being a many Michelin starred world renowned (but somehow undiscovered) chef. She made some delicious eggy bread and other things that were also most delicious. I ate them. Thanks Georgia. Then, as the afternoon arrived, we all went climbing. Hurrah.

We arrived at the very wet crag in 80’s climbing gear, as was the weekend’s theme. And met up with the climbing day-trippers. We then attempted to climb. Some were very successful; I was not and made a rather poor effort. But I did enjoy watching the sun burst gloriously through the clouds many many miles away as it continued to rain overhead. Ultimately the rock proved a little too wet for newbies to practice trad on and so we saw the day out with some bouldering and top roping. Then pubbing, for a swift pint afterwards.


That evening more food was eaten. This time provided (largely for me at least) by Morten, who I still owe £15 and who made a lovely fondue. Thanks Morten. Alcohol accompanied the food and when there was no more food the alcohol persisted, with friendships being forged in its scotch fires. The fires were then swiftly drowned in the bitter taste of crunchy peanut butter, to never be lit again. Thanks Rosalie. With that debacle over we all went to bed, but not before laughing far too hard at Georgia brushing her teeth.


The following morning both the hangover and the weather were feeling much more cooperative and after another rather excellent breakfast we departed for the crag. As the sun shone overhead LUMC members could be seen littering the crags faces. I completed my first (and second) lead climbs under the very capable and instructive Captain Chrissy. I then abandoned her to do some bouldering which frankly was a bit of a bad move, sorry Chrissy. Georgia also dragged me up a horrible bridgey thing that I want to make her feel bad about. Thanks Georgia. Anyway, much climbing was done, much was accomplished and then we all went home. Props to John & Bekah for doing all the driving!

4 5

Signing off… Charlie



Peak District Weekend & Day Trip (23rd – 25th October) – Charlie Patrickson

Snowdonia Day Trip (25/10/2015) – Chan Zi Xin


“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.”

Yep, we had the time, and so we decided to conquer the 3560 feet (1085m) Mount Snowdon. After all, what else better to do on a rainy Sunday?


Sadly, the weather was not on its best behavior as the rain started to pour not long after we began our journey. Legs were aching as we made our way towards the first summit, Craig Wen, and we tried our very best to walk fast because we were honestly too cold to slow down!!


The first part of our journey was up some grass slopes, followed by a steep climb over a rocky terrain. The trek was covered with Reindeer moss, and we actually tried it after we were assured by Matt that it was edible, it tasted like a mixture of grass and mushroom!! (not particularly tasty but survival first!)

4 5

On a clear day the views on the ascent would have been absolutely astounding, because even under thick fog and intermittent rain, the views were stunning enough to take my breath away!

6 7

~Life is not about passing storm, but to learn how to smile in the rain!

Panoramic views and the air of mystery kept spirits high throughout the slightly nerve wracking walk up the spur to Yr Arran. We were rewarded for our perseverance as the sun decided to show itself, albeit briefly, when we reached the Yr Arran summit. The clouds were cleared and revealed an absolutely breathtaking scenery that rendered me lost for words, utterly amazed by the beauty of mother nature… How true is the saying that “you can never truly enjoy sunshine if you had never dance in the rain!


After a quick lunch, we continued our journey. Thanks to the unfortunate weather and poor visibility we couldn’t see how much further we had to go up the south ridge of Snowdon before we hit the summit but it didn’t matter as we had lots of fun scrambling to do. The conditions then were really tough, but our group was tougher. Even though Sam and Thai pulled their muscles and were in great pain during the hike, they kept going without complaints. NO PAIN, NO GAIN, that’s the spirit of a mountaineer I suppose!


Tough times don’t last, but tough people do! After approximately 4 hours hike, we came so far to be assured by the voice of experience that the summit was just around the corner. At the summit, the fog was so thick fog that I couldn’t even see more than a few metres ahead!

10 11

I tried to grab the fog, but i mist.


Thankfully, the descent was much easier, we managed to descent before the sky got completely dark, which was around 5pm.


All in all, our Snowdon adventure was challenging but hugely rewarding, despite the adverse weather. It was not the mountain that we had conquered, but ourselves!!


What I have learnt is that what seems “impossible” only takes a liiittle bit longer to achieve, the only hard part about “Snowdonia” is how to spell it!


 (Massive thanks to Chan Zi Xin for writing this amazing post!!)

Snowdonia Day Trip (25/10/2015) – Chan Zi Xin

WOW! What a week for LUMC!

This has been one of the busiest weeks with LUMC that I’ve ever experienced!
After a full on first week (see previous post), we kicked off the week with our weekly visit to the Hangar, with a great turn out I must add! Really great to see the range of members we have this year.

Next came the final two Awesome Walls beginner sessions, which have gained unprecedented demand this year. Fortunately we had a lot of club leaders available to help coach, to which the club is very grateful. These sessions have been very successful this year, and now many people have an understanding of how to tie in and belay. From now on we’ll be running AW sessions every Wednesday, so come along and improve your climbing ability.Uni wall

Thursday saw the return of our weekly Uni Bouldering wall training, followed by a visit to the
Hope and Anchor. In previous years, these sessions have been massively popular, and we hope to make it a big thing again this year, for unfortunately last year it never really took off. They provide a great opportunity to socialise within the club, but still enjoy climbing in a friendly atmosphere.

The first round of the Winter Bouldering League kicked off at the hangar on Friday, with a huge turn out, this year is set to be the best competition yet. LUMC members did really well, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the excitement. Round two is on 13th November, come along for a unique experience (you can go to any round without having attended any previous ones).

Wind gatherThe week hasn’t even ended yet! The weekend welcomed the infamous freshers climbing and walking day trips. The aim was to get as many new club members to experience what LUMC is about. On Saturday, 30+ members headed to Windgather in the Peak District to give the freshers a taste of outdoor climbing. People seemed to love it, and hopefully we have given some people thirst to climb!

Lake District

Finally, on Sunday, our walking captain Matt took 40 people to the most northern depths of the Lake District to tackle Skiddaw, England’s 6th highest mountain. 4 groups set off on slightly different routes to the summit and down again, all climbing some of the other surrounding peaks too. There was no rain to be seen (breaking LUMC tradition) and some fantastic views down onto keswick and Derwent water could be had. A big shout out to the drivers and leaders for looking after and entertaining everyone. Get your next walking fix on the 25th Oct in Snowdonia!

Overall an amazing week for LUMC, and just the start of things to come! Please keep up to date with us on our respective social media platforms, and we look forward to seeing all of you at  future LUMC events 🙂

Andy (IT Sec)

P.S. We will now start requiring you to own club membership (you can get from the sports centre for £35). There are loads of perks of joining and you can support your favourite club!

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WOW! What a week for LUMC!

Week 1 with the LUMC

We have had an insanely busy first week, with more people than ever (100+) signing up to our learn to climb sessions. In order to cope with the increased demand, we recruited extra people so we could make more spaces available and purchased 9 new harnesses and 10 new helmets! We also ordered 3 sets of cams ready for our climbing weekend in the Peak District in a few weeks time.

It has been great to see so many people interested in learning to climb and joining the club. We had an excellent turn out both at our Climbing Hangar and Awesome Walls sessions.

The week ended with a bang with this year’s Fresher’s House Party. I hope everyone had a good time and has managed to recover from their hangover by now! I’ve put a few pics up but for the full uncensored album you’ll need to befriend me on facebook!


Awesome Walls

12047291_10156163597095217_526774516_n 12048676_10156163594915217_1010806053_n 12053285_10156163593175217_1047030680_n 12067148_10156163597985217_1160030821_n 12067252_10156163594595217_2105166269_n 12071423_10156163597445217_462228626_n 12071453_10156163597005217_1938052284_n 12076955_10156163597700217_2029467321_n 12083613_10156163591650217_564122313_n

The Climbing Hangar

Capture IMG_0032

Fresher’s House Party

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Week 1 with the LUMC

Welcome Fair

We’ve had a great couple of days at the welcome fair. It was lovely to meet so many new people interested in getting involved in the club, whether complete beginners or people who already have quite a bit of experience. A crazy 420 people signed up to our mailing list in just two days!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone over the next couple of weeks.

Rosalie (President)

12011324_10204541308324099_3657508994478572123_n 12004807_10205868683889518_3449353743479027709_n

12033153_10204541307404076_6091720177503387379_n 11224056_763965650399510_3113165479707045515_n

Welcome Fair