Peak District Weekend & Day Trip (23rd – 25th October) – Charlie Patrickson

If there’s one thing I bloody love in this world, it’s making glass.

Unfortunately British legislation prevents me from doing this for more than 48 hours a week. This means I have to find something else to do with my remaining waking hours. Two weeks ago I chose to use this time to go on a climbing trip with LUMC. It was nearly as much fun as making glass at work.

Setting off from Liverpool on the Friday evening we made the trip to the peaks where we would be spending the weekend. Two hours later we arrived at the hut and although alcohol and food was bought in equal supply, the supplies rapidly became unequal. Whilst a variety of vessels were used to intoxicate the group, Captain Chrissy undertook numerous meteorological measurements, and as the gin flowed, so did Chrissys assurances that the weather would be most unpleasant the next morning; far too unpleasant to climb in. With these words came an endorsement, from the climbing captain herself, for everyone to get thoroughly plastered. Which everyone did. We also had the brilliant excuse that it was one of our favourite Americans last weekends in the UK… we definitely couldn’t let it be a sober one. We miss you Matt (the bromance that never was…)!


The next morning, mercifully, the weather was most unpleasant. The hangover, unmercifully, was also as unpleasant. Fortunately my food partner was Georgia Drew, who has yet to admit to being a many Michelin starred world renowned (but somehow undiscovered) chef. She made some delicious eggy bread and other things that were also most delicious. I ate them. Thanks Georgia. Then, as the afternoon arrived, we all went climbing. Hurrah.

We arrived at the very wet crag in 80’s climbing gear, as was the weekend’s theme. And met up with the climbing day-trippers. We then attempted to climb. Some were very successful; I was not and made a rather poor effort. But I did enjoy watching the sun burst gloriously through the clouds many many miles away as it continued to rain overhead. Ultimately the rock proved a little too wet for newbies to practice trad on and so we saw the day out with some bouldering and top roping. Then pubbing, for a swift pint afterwards.


That evening more food was eaten. This time provided (largely for me at least) by Morten, who I still owe £15 and who made a lovely fondue. Thanks Morten. Alcohol accompanied the food and when there was no more food the alcohol persisted, with friendships being forged in its scotch fires. The fires were then swiftly drowned in the bitter taste of crunchy peanut butter, to never be lit again. Thanks Rosalie. With that debacle over we all went to bed, but not before laughing far too hard at Georgia brushing her teeth.


The following morning both the hangover and the weather were feeling much more cooperative and after another rather excellent breakfast we departed for the crag. As the sun shone overhead LUMC members could be seen littering the crags faces. I completed my first (and second) lead climbs under the very capable and instructive Captain Chrissy. I then abandoned her to do some bouldering which frankly was a bit of a bad move, sorry Chrissy. Georgia also dragged me up a horrible bridgey thing that I want to make her feel bad about. Thanks Georgia. Anyway, much climbing was done, much was accomplished and then we all went home. Props to John & Bekah for doing all the driving!

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Signing off… Charlie



Peak District Weekend & Day Trip (23rd – 25th October) – Charlie Patrickson

One thought on “Peak District Weekend & Day Trip (23rd – 25th October) – Charlie Patrickson

  1. Toby "Fully Loaded AK" Harrison says:

    Easily in the top 3 climbing blogs I’ve read in the last 10 minutes. Enthralling from start to finish, bravo!


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